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    I run a set of new Michelin Pilot Power 2CT tires on my CBF1000, which I got from my brother when he sold his Ducati 900SS before it needed new skins. Front is the standard size 120/70-17 fitted to the common 3.50x17 rim, rear is a 170/60-17 fitted to a less common 5.00-17 rim. Stock rear tire size is 160/60-17 on the CBF.

    Temps have been in the 2-8C range so far this year during the 450 km I have ridden, and the roads are often a little dusty, either from dirt or salt. Not bad, but also not ideal for grip. And I can already say that these sport tires (listed as road and track) are not nearly as grippy as ordinary sport-touring rubber in these conditions.

    Despite just pottering around, due to the less than ideal conditions, the tires still slide every now and then. Strangely, only on left handers. Although they do slide very predictably, just like the only other sport tire I have ridden in the cold, Bridgestone BT001, I'd rather they did not slide at all. Why it only happens on left handers is beyond me, though. It must either be the way I ride, or the compounds on the two sides differ enough to matter, for whatever reason.

    This is the LHS rear, and you can see the "smears" on the edges that only, I believe, meet tarmac when the tires are sliding

    And the front LHS, with the widest band of "smears" I have had on any bike I have owned

    On the right, which usually is my least preferred side, the wear pattern is totally normal

    Hopefully, as the roads gets cleaner and the temperatures higher, these tires will grip great. However, my next set will definitely be a set of Pilot Road, as they in my experience are less affected by temperature, and hence better suited for road riding. Especially in our cool climate, where it can be years between 30C days.
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