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    Over the years I've witnessed many a rider struggle with manhandling their chosen steed even before turning a key.
    Potential new bike customers thwarted at the thought of even lifting the bike off the side stand to the point of dismissing a purchase because of an ingrown fear of size.
    I'd ask some folk if they'd ever mounted a horse and thought the same...
    'Can't reach the floor!..
    'Its too big/heavy!..
    'What if I drop it?
    One tip I'd pass onto riders with similar symptoms is very simple and will not fail you leaving you thinking..
    'Why haven't I done that before?
    As riders we understand (or learn) the differences of balance,angles weight distribution and to some degree science when gravity takes over whilst relying on mass to also keep you upright.
    Bikes normally weigh more than the average rider and combined with an angled prop stand and weight of bike you adds up to a serious deadlier when weight naturally wants to fall.
    To release the weight and lift the bike upright is the first stumbling block for many who inevitably will,have or can do themselves an injury before riding it.
    Its a simple tip...try it...
    A lot of the mass comes from the front end,forks,discs,rim,tyre,yokes dashboards bars and anything else attached to the fore minus the tassles swinging from the grips.
    Step 1:
    With the bike at rest and bars usually facing left lock, pull on the right bar and push forward with the left in one foul swoop,the slower you do this the heavier it will feel as the tyre scrubs on its centre from left to right.
    Step 2:Again in one flowing motion,throw you leg over the seat with the planted foot as close to the bike as possible and inner thigh pushing up against the seat.The right foot continues to aim west as the arms do the reverse of step 1 in pushing and pulling ie,push away with the right and pull back with the left Push and lift at all three contact points in synchronicity until the bars are almost facing forwards,at this point the right foot is coming towards the footrest to counterbalance the weight now heading left.
    Your backside is just making contact with seat as bike is now upright and still supported by your left boot planted at ground level.
    The myth of not being able to lift a bike to ride has been thwarted.

    “I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times”
    Bruce Lee

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