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    I checked it out at Auto Classic on Monday afternoon.

    Now I'm not a great fan of cruisers, and have said that a cruiser would probably be the last type of bike I would buy, but this thing is impressive. Very impressive. 345kg of impressive, which for a pretty much stripped down naked is a lot.

    I was allowed to start it and give it a bit of a rev to feel the torque reaction, which I thought was mild, perhaps due to the slow response. Well lets face it, I wasn't going to crack it to the stop.

    But everyone I have talked to and said check it out on the net, has been very complimentary about its looks, which may explain that, despite the starting price of just under 30k, and not being able to ride it and with no reviews, they sold 13 of them here. The one on display is around 34.5k with its options, I recall.

    Viewing was limited to a few sessions of small numbers, and a number of private viewings, due to covid19, so if you are interested check your local BMW dealership, as the bike is being shipped round the country.
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    Having partially stripped my 650 Dragstar, I have begun to understand why these things are so ridiculously heavy. The swingarm alone is over 10 kg. Add shaft drive, a heavy wheel and a bloody heavy fender and you are looking at 50 kg for the rear end only.

    Some of the concept versions of the R18 appealed to me, but I am not overly excited by the production version. Follows the same pattern as the B-king and MT-01 etc. I like the idea of 50hp/litre with solid low rpm grunt. Makes the 61-62 hp/litre Yamaha seem like a hot-rod :rolleyes: My old Intruder 1400 sat around 50/hp/litre, though.
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