1979 Kawasaki KX125A5 VMX ready

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    Due to another commitment, time to go my old mate. I'd rather see if any of our mob is interested before I put it on Fleabay.

    The story : Back in the eighties, I worked as a Bike Salesman and Parts interpreter for a few different shops and worked with most major brands.

    In '89 I was working at a Kawasaki Dealer and I knew a young bloke who had an A5 since new but blew the motor after around 5 hours (from new) The quote to rebuild it back then was more than the bike cost new. It even had the original tyres and chain and sprokets when I got it. So it was parked beside the shed and left to rot. Long story, but I ended up buying it for not much money. Picked it up took it home and completely dismantled every bolt and nut.

    Barrel sent to Serco for a new Sleeve and Wisco kit. Crankshaft was rebuilt using genuine conrod kit and bearings. The conrod kit back then was $385 that's was more than a weeks pay!. Every bearing and seal were replaced, clutch plates, wheel bearings, steering head bearings, cables, brake shoes, tyres etc.

    I had all the work done but due to a house move, took about 12 years to put it back together. Sat in boxes in the shed for all that time. Eventually put it all back together around 2002. Rode it twice for a total of about an hour, flipped it doing a 1st gear balance wheelie busted acl and never rode it again.

    Working in the shop helped find a lot of new old stock parts that are now obsolete. I have a genuine alloy rear sprocket never fitted or used. New old stock rear fender (the last one available from Kawasaki in '90) Genuine 'KX125' decals (never fitted) New old stock front number plate. Genuine Service manual. Genuine Parts Book (remember them :) Spare fuel tank (split though could be welded ?) Original stinger, had the last ever genuine green grips but a mate's fucking dog liked the texture too hard to resist, also had a slight chew of the front number plate but not rearl bad.

    Anyway, I've owned this bike now for 22 years and have ridden it a total of around 1 hour. It's moved house with me 6 times in that time and travelled over 6000k's (in a trailer :)

    The good:
    Motor completely rebuilt using genuine parts
    Except for Wiseco piston & sleeve kit at standard not rebored
    Plastics in good condition
    Seat in good condition (very slight teat at rear lower)
    Everything that could be replaced was.

    The bad:
    Top of carby thread cross threaded and held on by cable ties
    Converted chain and sprokets to 520 pitch (original 428)
    Rear tyre too large, too much grip (remember when you could buy retreads)
    Dog chewed original green grips
    Needs a good clean

    Anyone interested or now of any VMX nuts who might be.

    more pics to follow

    When I bought it 1989 - before
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    I'll ask around..
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